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Understand your clients like never before

We believe that good posture and optimal movements are the foundation on which health, performance and aesthetics are built on. We believe that technologies such as sensors, intelligent algorithms and cloud computing can radically change healthcare for the better.

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Posture & Movement Assessments Made Easy

Move Correctly - Posture & Movement Assessment System is an interactive posture and movement assessment to help wellness professionals provide more holistic advice. It allows you to quantify posture and mobility, and provide corrective recommendations in which results can be viewed online or emailed to the patient directly.

Measure your clients posture & movement

With the Kinect 3D sensor, taking accurate posture measurements is literally a snap.

Keep your customers coming back

An innovative 3D scanner that captures the most commonly used measurements tracked for both posture and movement assessment.

Save More Time

The Move Correctly site securely stores posture and movement measurements and data, allowing users to track their progress.

Get assessments reports fast and easy.

For your clients you will be able to create visually compelling reports, with clear and understandable advice. As a consumer you will easily understand what issues are holding you back, and how to go about fixing them.